The next day started his healing path. Experiencing multiple avenues of healing:, like art therapy, sound frequency, massage, narrative, CBT , body moment, hypnotherapy, strength solution, faith applications, martial arts, meditation, breath work, herbalism, nutrition, journaling and process work. Thomas set out and created a well rounded multi-disciplinary holistic approach utilizing those avenues, applications and strategies for addressing MCSA. Thomas began his coaching workshop to help survivors reclaim life again. He noticed the accelerated healing rate male survivors experienced when utilizing the program. 

You are not alone


THOMAS EDWARD​ founded the Healing Broken Men in 2001. he personally understands  and relates to the frustration of trying to find safe, competent and effective help when dealing with the subject of sexual abuse, especially in faith communities. Thomas abuse started before age 6 and continued into late teens by male and female perpetrators. He experienced flashbacks, PTSD when triggered by a movie in his late 20's. 

​His perfect world plagued with dysfunctional behavior, suicidal inclinations spiraled downward. He was a high functioning survivor with accomplishments and accolades. None of this mattered when the guilt, shame, betrayal and pain of the sexual abuse surfaced. He transitioned to deep dark depression and hopelessness ready to end it until a true friend snatched him from the edge that night.