Thomas founded the Healing Broken Men group in 2001. Thomas personally understood and experienced the frustration of trying to find safe and effective help when dealing with the subject of childhood sexual abuse. Rarely does anyone want to address male survivors and help them work through it, especially in faith communities.  It was a challenge to locate competent effective assistance. Thomas recalls his abuse starting around age 6 to late teens by numerous abusers, male and female. He was triggered in his late 20's by a movie and the repressed memories flooded his mind.

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Thomas Edward

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"Thank you for bringing light and hope to my dark painful world. You unraveled in months, what others could not do in 15 years."



The next day started his healing path. Having experienced multiple forms of therapy in reclaiming, like art, sound, massage, narrative, CBT , body moment, hypnotherapy, strength solution, faith apps martial arts, meditation, breath work, herbalism, nutrition, journaling and process work.  He then set out to create a well rounded holistic coaching approach utilizing multiple avenues of healing and applications and strategies for addressing MCSA.  He believes that's one reason many participants find it effective. Healing is multi-disciplinary and takes place in relationships. 

"Where there should have been love, there was rejection"

His world began to spiral towards suicidal inclinations. No one would have believed it, not from Thomas! He was a praise worship leader, software project coordinator, world traveler, youth teacher, Big brother mentor, men's ministry leader, martial arts instructor. None of these things mattered when the guilt, shame, betrayal and pain of the sexual abuse took hold. Unfortunately, despite the importance of faith in his life, he received rejection, condemnation from his faith community and was told that just being more spiritual was the key to alleviating the pain. He quickly transitioned to deep dark depression and hopelessness. Until the fateful night when he decided to take his life.  By God's grace the care and words of a true friend snatched him that night from the brink of carrying out the suicide.

Thomas began his coaching workshop reclaiming life again program. Counselors were impressed by his holistic resilient coaching approach. They encouraged him to continue his work. Thomas' multifaceted reclaim coaching and reclaiming program approaches MCSA from various perspectives. 

"I always tell people don't let the spiritual or faith-based label scare you.  There have been lots of survivors who simply apply the principles to change their lives. I want to help you. I believe the basic principles can help anyone who is open. It's also okay if not your style. It's not a requirement to obtain help.  It's just part of who I am, so I am upfront about it.   I just ask my clients to be open as I am open also.  You just never know what you'll learn."