Each workshop is designed to move participants through the nine phases.  We strive to help provide you with effective and useful tools, coping strategies, support and creation of a HBM network. 

3days/3 nights 

(Thursday 6PM - Sunday 12PM)

With the intensity of these workshops participants often report this to be the best schedule for maximizing their experience.  We always recommend after completing  a workshop that  when participants return home to take a day to process and reintegrate back into life.  

Building healthy community and family

Strategies working thru the issues,

I’m Healed, but it don’t feel like it…Why is that?​, Guilt, Embarrassment, Humiliation, Shame, Finding Your Voice, Who to Blame: Why Me?  Why This? Why God?, Real Disclosure That Brings Healing, Same Gender Sexual Abuse, Masculinity:  Am I Still A Dude?, Submit one issue that is crucial for you at this state want to cover ​


Workshop 4 - September 14-17

How are we using the tools, strategies from phase one, strengths to utilize, Shame and guilt:  Why are they still there?, Sexuality: Beliefs about Sex, Men and Women, Intimacy: Sex = Love, Finding Your Second Voice, Building safe relationships with other men, Working through addictive patterns imprinted by the abuse, Connecting with my abuse story like never before,Facing My Abuser, Heart Intimacy, Reframing my abuse history, Submit one issue.

In this workshop, for those who have hung in there, you will have the opportunity to regroup with members from your last group or others who have completed phase two.  In this workshop "YOU"RE ALL IN” Usually during this phase three everyone submits several issues they may be struggling with that we did not cover or need more help.  This phase is very open as the bonds of trust have been established from attending the previous workshops. It usually reported as the best of the three prior to doing 1:1 intensive coaching with Thomas.